First Entry

I have started this blog so that I can contribute to discussions in the blogosphere with my own name.

RMD Observations is my, for want of a better word, business. It has one employee, me. I have been out of salaried work for almost 8 years. The internet, Linux and a nice computer have helped me stay up to date in science and allowed me to pursue my own research interests. Day to day activities (well, week to week, really) are documented in my other blog, RMD Observations. My website is RMD Observations.

Rose Dlhopolsky



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2 responses to “First Entry

  1. Ian

    Hi Rose, noticed the odd comment from you over at Curry’s place. Interested to know what your position is on the issue of climate sensitivity and whether there should be a ‘C’ before AGW. I would class myself as perhaps a lukewarmer, but the difficulty – and frustration – is in assessing the arguments when one is virtually scientifically illiterate, so perhaps I’m simply taking the middle road! Best wishes, Ian

    • Hi Ian,
      Thank you for you response. Call me a skeptic’s skeptic. There is a myth that when a book is a best seller, it means that everyone who reads it agrees with what it says. That is why I chose books carefully. I felt that LaFramboise’s book was aimed at skeptics, just by the way it was written. I was skeptical. Since I wanted to comment on it, I had to read it. I cannot say that I liked the book because the whole story depressed me. I believed the author because she organized a quantitative study of the references in the IPCC and based her book on the results. In comparison, I felt that Monckton presented evidence that supported his personal opinion. I did not believe him.

      When one says that the models predict a catastrophic climate change (CAGW), I wonder about how fast something has to be for it to be labelled “catastrophic”. I would define it as something that happens for which there is no time to prepare. In the Netherlands, there was a catastrophic flood in the 1950’s that killed hundreds of people in one night. In response, the government built large dikes to prevent this happening again. The Maeslantkering is a nice example.

      When catastrophic climate change is discussed in paleoclimate, I believe it is based on the evidence of a “geologically brief (1,300 ± 70 years) period of cold climatic conditions and drought”, called the Younger Drias.. I can imagine someone with a lifetime of 50 years would have time to adjust or move during such an event.

      Climate prediction is all about the frequency of catastrophic events increasing as the atmosphere warms. Cities are too big for everyone to pack and move inland. Therefore, some preparation is advisable. My very personal feeling (no one really knows) is that it is too late to stop the warming and we should prepare for it. I personally support shifting to other energy sources and using telecommunications for work, rather than cars and planes. I am against nuclear energy because I have not seen a satisfactory solution to waste. I feel houses should not be built close to the shore or riverbanks. The problem, as I see it, is who decides. In the USA, the “left” trusts the government to regulate this and the right trusts the private sector to take care of this.

      I do not know who to trust. That’s why climategate and this book on the IPCC upset me.

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