The Hockey Stick and the climate wars.

Here’s my amazon.conm review:

I read this Kindle book because I wanted to hear Dr. Mann’s opinion on the recent “hockey stick” and stolen emails. I believe all that he described regarding the attacks via the media, politicians and denialists. It was indeed an onslaught to which no one should be subject.

Dr. Mann describes his response to errors which other researchers make regarding their work. Some, like Bryden, he treats with respect and others, like Stephen McIntyre, with scorn. He uses “shows” for those he agrees with and the word “claims” for those he does not.

Based on the notes and bibliography, it seems to me that the institution and university press releases are responsible for feeding the media and the media is responsible for spreading it in whichever way their political disposition guides them.

I gave the rating a 4 out of 5 because I would have liked to hear more about the reason for the conflict between Dr. Mann and  Mr. McIntyre. This is technical and, as far as I can determine, not political.



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