IPCC Working Group I

The Second working group IPCC report comes out today and I have not read even the first. Time to start.  1552 pages. Sigh.

Reading the Preface:

The Working Group I Report is an assessment, not a review or a text
book of climate science, and is based on the published scientific and
Process Understanding (Chapters 6 and 7): These chapters cover all
technical literature available up to 15 March 2013.

Structure of report includes:

An innovation in this Working Group I assessment is the Atlas of Global
and Regional Climate Projections (Annex I) containing time series and
maps of temperature and precipitation projections for 35 regions of
the world, which enhances accessibility for stakeholders and users.

I am curious about the regional predictions. I’ve been out of the research environment for 10 years now and I do not know much about how regional predictions are faring.

For the first time, there is a chapter dedicated to the
assessment of the physical science basis of clouds and aerosols

All material including high-resolution versions of
the figures, underlying data and Supplementary Material to the chap-
ters is also available online: www.climatechange2013.org

I see that this report is dedicated to Bert Bolin. I had a book, edited by him, in my hand, sometime between 1985 and 1991 (when I was a graduate student). The foreward had been written by Al Gore. I recall that the book was about biochemical cycles in the atmosphere.

I am determined to make my way through this report. I have printed out the table of contents.


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