IPCC AR5 Chapter 7 Clouds and Aerosols

Reading the executive summary.

I want to understand the following:

  • forcing – instantaneous change in radiation budget (RB)
  • rapid adjustments- modify the RB indirectly through “fast” atmosphere and surface changes.
  • feedbacks- operate through changes in the climate variables that are mediated by a change in surface temperature.

In his paper on climate sensitivity, Spencer commented on the differences between what one defines as a forcing and a feedback. There is a new concept called “Effective Radiative Forcing”, ERF, which does not include feedbacks but does include the concept of rapid adjustments. It looks like feedback is defined only in the context of change in surface temperature (or temperature of the air 2 meters above the surface).

I am disappointed in finding a section on “Solar Radiation Management and Related Methods”? This should be in the mitigation section.


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